The Wallflower Wardrobe is my little space on the internet to fill with content that inspires me- and hopefully you too! Expect to see plenty of adventures, recipes, creations and the odd outfit post...

The blog is written, designed and photographed by Emma, who would much rather buy a typewriter than a touchscreen. When I'm not spending my time behind my camera, I usually working on my little vintage shop, going on day trips or studying for my A levels.

How did you make your header?
 I used Picmonkey for fonts and added the flowers as overlays which I got for The Inknest blog, which has beautiful illustrations and samples.

Who takes your photos?
 I do! For my outfit posts I use my tripod and set my camera to self timer, or if someone else has taken them I'll mention in the post.

What camera do you use?
Canon 1100D with an 18-55mm lens.

How do you edit your photos?
I use Corel Photo Paint 9 for layering, and Picmonkey for general editing, changing contrasts and adding effects.

How do you make your collages?
 Collages of my own photos I make using Picmonkey, and the collages of wishlists and clothing I make using the Polyvore creator, so you can just click them to find all of the product links.

More to come!